We want three! We want three! Three wins in a row, that is. Neil Harris is the toast of the speakeasy’s around Cardiff as the young buck from Bermondsey is enlivening the glitterati with his sparkling football. Lee Tomlin, a boisterous rooting-tooting shot-slinger from Leicester is leading the line and the resurgence of Josh Murphy is causing much excitement. 

Basically, Cardiff are playing Wigan on Saturday. 

Cardiff City vs. Wigan Athletic
SkyBet Championship
Cardiff City Stadium
Saturday 15th February, 3pm.

Cardiff City starting XI

Three things to watch out for 

We’re not going through changes. Will we ever change this team again? I don’t think. Two games, two wins, no stains on the sheet. We can’t change things. Pato is scoring. Tomlin is providing. The defence is repelling. Even Josh Murphy is doing bits! So there’s no way things can change in the starting XI, right?

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The bench bunch. Harris has made noises about Sanderson and Smith maybe being more involved in the coming games. The only place where I’d consider making changes is at right back because Jazz can sometimes switch off but that’s at a stretch. Even so, including Sanderson and Smith in the squad is an important step to getting them closer to match action. 

Filling a space. That’s what I’m doing right here. When Cardiff were chopping and changing the side, it was easier to find three things to write about. Now things are a bit more settled, I’m having to find filler. 

Wigan players to watch out for 

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Wigan lost Josh Windass in the January window, a player who caused us trouble on the opening day of the season, but they’ve still got probably 20-25 other players in their squad. Kieffer Moore is known to Wales fans and Cardiff fans alike but he hasn’t set the Championship on fire. Cue a goal this Saturday.

Chey Dunkley has got five goals from the back and Jamal Lowe, who was linked with us in the summer, is a decent prospect up top. Wigan sit four points off safety and you wonder how they’ve ended up there. 

Worst case result 

Two wins on the bounce, two clean sheets and this being Cardiff, a loss surely follows? There’s no logic to football and with everything looking up, we’ll probably end up losing 1-0 with a Nelson own goal.

Best case result 

Cardiff are humming and not in the stinking way. The last couple of weeks have signalled a turning point and we look solid in defence and dangerous in attack. Harris is going about his business quietly but a win on Saturday and people will surely begin to look at us as contenders for the top six run-in. 3-1.