It’s official – Cardiff City have a new Manager in the form of Neil Harris. The former Cardiff striker joins the club after leaving Millwall, where he was manager for a number of years, earlier this year.

But what does team VFTN make of the appointment? They share their verdicts:

Scott Salter

I’m not completely overjoyed, to be honest with you. The feeling when discussing Neil Warnock’s departure was who would replace him. I think if you’d offered many a fan the choice between the two Neil’s, many would’ve chosen the Warnock variety.

But here we are and we’ve got to get behind Neil Harris now. It’s a change and hopefully the first step in a transformation for the club. I must admit Ben James won me around a bit with his recent piece on Harris, so I don’t think it’s awful as I first did. But we’ll see what happens. What I do know is that I’ll give Harris every chance and all my support now he’s in the hot seat, as every City fan should do.

Paul Gronow

I’m the man that’s flown the flag for both Russell Slade AND Gary Madine so if anyone’s up for giving people a chance, it’s me. On the face of it this appointment leaves me cold but how often do we judge people on face value only to be proven wrong.

Neil Harris by all accounts at Millwall did a good job in trying circumstances but the majority of supporters will probably take some convincing; Millwall are not Cardiff City and with the investment that Vincent Tan has made he will be expecting his team to be a top six team. I’m most concerned that we will see more of the same on the pitch, this season has seen some real lows in terms of quality so above all i desperately hope that changes.

In the meantime, he will get my support and not just for the first five games.

Mark Carter

I am a huge fan of Warnock and so if anyone was going to replace him, I wanted it to be a step up and with Harris I’m not convinced that’s what we have. I’m not surprised we have gone for him, it’s a very Cardiff appointment and I called it a few months back on the podcast. But the board made it clear in interviews that they wanted an improvement on the attacking side of our game and I can’t help feeling we’ve just gone for a younger model of the same style. I’m massively underwhelmed by the appointment and all the contenders as well. I’m going to need a lot of convincing.

Dan Moffat

So it looks like the Club have decided to go with more of the same with the appointment of Neil Harris as manager.

The appointment makes sense on a football level as Harris’ Millwall play a certain way to us. Effective but uninspiring football on the whole, which appeals to some , but I fear some Cardiff fans may think otherwise.

The players are used to playing a particular way under Warnock, and I can’t see this changing too much over the course of this season, which again, will divide the fan base.

I can’t say I’m excited about the appointment, but I’m never one to write someone off before they’ve even started. Harris is a young manger and has plenty of Championship experience- both as a player and manager, and like he did at Millwall, I hope he can make us hard to beat again.

It’s a sensible appointment for a club that needs stability at the moment, after losing a man who has been a huge part of the club over the past three years. Realistic heads need to be placed firmly on and fans need to accept that things take time. Harris will be given that time and I for one am now looking forward to what is to come over the next few months.

Gareth Baker

Personally, I’ve always dreamed of Bellamy as our manager. For now it’s not meant to be – if not ever – and I feel that for a lot of our fans who are in a similar mindset to me they find it hard to accept anyone else other than him. He’s Cardiff born and bred and people want a young manager these days. It’s no surprise that there’s a few negative comments regarding Harris in that respect. People wanted a big name. I don’t think Harris is as bad of an option as people are making out. I can only feel he’s got the job based of Warnock’s recommendation and, well, that ain’t so bad.