Neil Warnock is on his way and I think it’s fair to say that there are plenty of memories to look back on and smile.

But what are VFTN’s favourite Neil Warnock memories? The team look back on three years of Neil Warnock.

Scott Salter – Cardiff 4-2 Fulham

There seem to be too many Neil Warnock moments to choose from, but I look back fondly on that 4-2 win vs Fulham in the Premier League.

City had been struggling to adjust to the Premier League, but that 4-2 win against Fulham showed that Cardiff could mix it in the Premier League.

It felt even better getting that first win in the league against Fulham, a team which Cardiff had developed a rivalry against in the Championship.

Ben James – Manchester United 0-2 Cardiff City

It’s hard to pick just one memory from the last three years but Old Trafford on the last day of our Premier League season was up there for me. Of course, we had already been relegated, but that didn’t stop us having fun.

It was the performance we had been threatening all season and we made United look like mugs on their own turf. Murphy, NML, Reid were all purring. We knocked it around and could have had a few more goals.

But it was more than the football match. Warnock got one up on Ole. Warnock was able to celebrate with his team on the pitch. We were able to say goodbye to Gunnar. The team looked truly united, as did the fans. It was just such a great way to end last season, despite all that had come before it.

Paul Gronow – Wolves 1-2 Cardiff City

My favourite memory of Neil Warnock’s time was our intention-signalling away win at Wolves in our promotion campaign of 2017/18. At the time we’d put together a lovely string of early season wins and were heading to the new spice-boys of the Championship.

Wolves had made some eye catching acquisitions both on and off the pitch and looked set to go for it when Neil Warnock’s unfancied Bluebirds came to town. We went toe to toe with them for 90 minutes and two lovely goals from Ralls and Mendez Laing saw us leave with a fantastic win.

This was the moment lots of people sat up and noticed the bandwagon that was building at Cardiff City and it very much represents all that Warnock did well, i will always love that man for making us winners.

Dan Moffat – Cardiff 2-1 Bournemouth

I remember this game greatly, it was the first home game after the Sala disaster. The stadium was full of emotion throughout, and the win was a huge tribute to Emiliano and David.

I can clearly remember Warnock walking round the pitch at full time and applauding the supporters with tears in his eyes, and that picture will stay with me for a long time.

Neil has cried when we (the fans) have cried, and celebrated when we’ve celebrated, he’s a true adopted son of Cardiff now, and he’s given us some brilliant moments, but for the pure emotion of the game, it has to be the Bournemouth game for me.