As much as it felt like it was coming, it still takes you by surprise. Almost three years to the month that he was appointed, Neil Warnock leaves the club in a much better position than he found it. A whirlwind arrival followed by a promotion and near safety in the Premier League. This season has been bad but don’t let that sully what came before.

Warnock turned this club around and took us to the promised land when no-one gave us a hope. He gave us that brilliant day at Hull, that final day celebration at the CCS, he gave us our club back. He gave us Premier League football and almost kept us there. He gave us that amazing win at Old Trafford, brilliant wins at Brighton, home against West Ham, Fulham, Wolves. He gave us Victor Camarasa. He gave us a club to be proud of in the Premier League. 

Warnock will go down in history at this club. He took over when all hope was gone and instilled something special at this club. A team who embodied the spirit and attitude needed to thrive in the Championship and get promoted to the promised land. It’s sad that it’s ended this way but a testament to the man that he is that he’s leaving and can keep his head held high. 

Whatever happens next at Cardiff City wouldn’t have been possible without Neil Warnock. He’s laid the groundwork for future success and given us something to build on. The club is in much better shape than it was three years ago and it’s down to him. Warnock got this club, understood the fans, and gave us something to believe in. He understood Cardiff City. 

Here’s to you Neil. You made us proud again. You gave us something to believe in.