After last week, how can things get worse? The performance at the Liberty last Sunday was nothing short of embarrassing and whoever plays tomorrow has a point to prove. The season so far hasn’t been good enough and last Sunday was the cherry on an awful cake. Imagine a cake made of Boris Johnson’s hair but with a Francois nad on the top. That’s where we are currently. 

Cardiff City vs. Birmingham
SkyBet Championship
Cardiff City Stadium
Saturday 2nd November

Dream starting XI

One thing to watch out for. 

Droppings galore. And I’m not talking about what the Cardiff side left on the pitch last week. Etheridge, Flint, Bennett, Ralls, Pack, Glatzel, Murphy (he didn’t start but he was awful when he came on), and Ward could all get the chop. Usually, I write three things to watch out for but this weekend, all eyes are on that starting XI. Last Sunday’s performance was so inept, Warnock needs to make a statement. 

At the back, Etheridge could be dropped in place of Smithies. People can say Etheridge didn’t do much wrong but his kicking looked as shaky as it ever has and he made two ridiculous decisions that could have led to goals. Bennett’s regressed as a left back and spent much of the game running away from wingers as they ran at him. And I don’t even want to grace Flint with a discussion about where he went wrong. 

In midfield, I’m starting to wonder what Pack brings to proceedings. He’s forever losing his man, doesn’t seem to be able to pass, and lets the game pass him by. On the wings, I’d start with NML and Whyte again and banish Murphy from the squad for a game. He did less than nothing in his substitute appearance. 

Up top, it’s obvious why Neil hadn’t tried 4-4-2 previously because Ward and Glatzel can’t play with each other. So drop them both and play Bogle and give Madine a space on the bench. It can’t get much worse.

Birmingham players to watch out for

I never thought I would exist in a world where Lukas Jutkiewicz is causing Championship defences problems but here we are. He’s scored a few this season and got his first goal at the weekend after a couple of scoreless outings. At this stage, any striker is able to cause our defence problems. 

In their midfield, the highly rated Bellingham will probably run rings around Pack and Ralls. I also like the look of Dan Crowley who’s spent a few years in the Dutch leagues. 

Worst case result

We somehow win, the team put in a barnstorming performance thus giving us all hope that they can turn this round, things will get better, and Warnock carries on with his jovial, patronising interviews. 

Best case result

We lose and all the players, managers, and fans are sacked and we never have to go and watch Cardiff City again.