As the baying crowd approached, screeching ‘MORE PLAYERS, MORE PLAYERS’, a lowly Cardiff City admin tweeted the news. Vassell signs for Cardiff. THE CROWD CHEERED, but some booed, as many weren’t sure what they wanted at the start of the window but it almost certainly wasn’t this. BUT NONETHELESS. He is a Cardiff Player now. And we welcome him.

Scott Salter

“I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about this move, but it’s good to see the club investing in the squad. They should be applauded for that. I’d be lying if I said that I knew much about Vassell, but other than he is the cousin of former England international Darius, I know little.

Gauging reactions on social media, he seems to have a decent reputation. His time at Birmingham has been ravaged by injury, but Luton fans were full of praise for him. The worry is that he doesn’t have a great goal record, but as a back-up striker I’m not sure what more we could bring in. If anyone is to get the best out of him, it’s Neil Warnock.”

Ben James

“This one basically came out of nowhere last night and I like the sound of him, even if I’m slightly underwhelmed. It’s great to see the club investing in players and actually building a squad who can compete with each other at this level. Vassell had been courting attention all summer but I didn’t think we’d be the ones to end up signing him.

“Birmingham fans seem pretty annoyed that they are getting rid and he’s clearly got a fair bit about him. He looks pretty burly, which should give us even more of an edge up front behind *gulps* Glatzel, Bogle, Madine, and Ward. Christ, I wouldn’t want to be a Championship defender.

“I’m not here for people writing him off before he’s signed. We wanted more back up and he’s coming in at a decent price for a lad who’s got a few years ahead of him. Imagine being a Championship defender and having dealt with Glatzel for 60 minutes and seeing Vassell and Bogle warming up. Or Vassell and Madine. Or Madine and Bogle. You wouldn’t fancy it, would you?”