Ah, the Championship. The league of which we’re all too familiar with. We’re more experienced of this league than Harry Redknapp’s car is of Sky Sports News – we know it like the back of our hand. Although an exciting league, it’s also an unquestionably cruel and unforgiving one also.

There should be a lot to look forward to. You’d think anyway, as over the years we’ve consistently competed every season we’ve been there, other than the Trallope era, and we look dead-on to be up there this season as well.

Although some would say relegation is a very depressing reality, we would all as a collection of fans beg to differ. The Premier League was cruel to us, we made the most out of it and handled ourselves both on and off the pitch amicably, but there’s no denying there’s a certain charm to the league below.

We have lots to look forward to, but lots to be weary of also. Let’s have a look at the five things we definitely have to look forward to next season. Have any of your own? Let us know @VFTNinian


Expectations of winning every weekend

I know, right! We don’t always have to lose and be weirdly sympathetic towards the team, due to us expecting to get trounced week in, week out in the Premier League. Considering we managed, so far, to keep most of our players who fared quite well in one of the best divisions in the world we can more than expect to bag a few points this season. In short, it’s Cardiff’s world and the Championship is just living in it.

The derby days. The sweet, sweet derby days.

Do you remember those slight heart attacks you’d nearly get watching Gavin Rae attempt a pass at any point against Swansea? That feeling when you’d see Darren Pratley ever on the ball doing anything because he’s nearly guaranteed to do something against us? Alan Tate and Lee Trundle putting their fingers up to the Cardiff fans as they warm up, and you wanting nothing more than to make piggy squeal? Or how about those six magic words? “Chance for Chopra to win it!” That’s right! The South Wales derby is back and I cannot wait – as opposed to the South Wales Police, of course. Don’t worry though lads, you also have Bristol, Luton & Millwall to look forward to!


Referees who can… referee.

I might be stepping into controversial grounds here, but there’s no escaping the fact that last season was quite possibly the worst collection of refereeing performances I’ve ever experienced as a Cardiff fan. I’m not saying the Championship is blessed with a cacophony of Pierluigi Collinas but I certainly remember the standard being far better than what is supposed to be the best league in the world.

Seeing some of our Premier League signings flourish.

I don’t know about everyone else but I cannot wait to see how Bobby Reid, Josh Murphy and even Bacuna can offer this season. When you look at some of the best performances by Reid & Murphy especially you’d think they’d absolutely tear up the Championship. They’re also both players who somewhat fell out of favour at the end of the season – and for Reid pretty much all of the season – so they should surely have something to prove to us and Warnock.

Beating Leeds

Nothing is ever guaranteed other than Cardiff beating Leeds. We basically have already started the season on six points.