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VFTN Verdict: The new Cardiff City away kit

VFTN Verdict: The new Cardiff City away kit

A few weeks ago, rumours were abound that our away kit was going to a colour that we didn’t expect. And last night, a photo emerged of an orange and blue number – Irn Bru Ultras – and Cardiff City fans were suspicious. And now the rumours have been confirmed…


And like the Cardiff City fanbase, the team at VFTN are divided. So what do we think?

Ben James

“Perhaps it’s no surprise that I love it. From a man who willingly goes on TV wearing clashing patterns, an orange kit is so far up my street, I’m moving in. It’s immediately eye-catching, though the orange is slightly subdued compared to the hyper bright colour it could be. The blue detailing stands out against the orange and just makes for something aesthetically pleasing. The players look great in it. It looks lovely with a pair of jeans. My only disappointment is that the shirt is paired with orange shorts when a natty pair of blue ones could have been proper wavy…”

Ben Isaacs

“For the second time in a few weeks City have revealed a kit that makes me think ‘ugly 1990s’ – in a good way. Blue is a great accent colour with this sort of orange so in my eyes this really works despite being a bad idea on paper. And I agree with the other Ben: blue shorts would’ve been fantastic although impractical due to the blue teams this will be used against. Although I like the colour combination I do wonder if the club could’ve been a bit more daring and used brown instead of blue to evoke the old chocolate and amber kit of the 1800s. Now that would’ve really been divisive.”

Dan Moffat

“Not the black and yellow I wanted but it’s not the worst kit I’ve ever seen, although I feel black and orange would have made the strip so much better and would’ve been a nice nod to the 03/04 kit. Appreciate the need to prevent kit clashes, but I struggle to see the link that the colour orange has with Cardiff. Unfortunately I won’t be buying either the home or the away kit this year, instead I’ll be sticking with the trusty Russell Slade era home kit of 2015/2016, a true thing of beauty and our nicest kit in years.”

Scott Salter

β€œI didn’t think it could get much worse than our home shirt, but here we are. Why orange? I struggle to comprehend the meeting in which someone suggested that colour. I’m a strong believer that a club’s away kit should be connected to the club in some way. Our should be black, yellow, red or green. Not bloody orange. I’ll be saving my money this year that’s for sure.”

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