Cardiff City today confirm the signing of Newport keeper Joe Day, adding a fourth goalkeeper to the books. It’s getting a bit crowded between the sticks we’re asking the big question; who stays and who goes?

Neil Etheridge

Have you ever seen the episode of the US Office where Michael finds out that his arch enemy Toby from human resources has transferred back to his branch? It leads to Michael letting out a scream of “No, please God no. No. No. Noooooo!” The reason I bring this up, I hear you ask, is because that will be the collective noise heard throughout the city of Cardiff if Etheridge were to be sold. Warnock claims no bids have been tabled for our gloved Filipino beauty, so it looks pretty likely the city of Cardiff won’t be doing its best Steve Carell impression any time soon.

If Etheridge goes, who becomes number 1? Smithies

If Etheridge stays, who goes? Smithies

Brian Murphy

I’m going to be harsh here. I’m sorry if you’re somehow a Brian Murphy fan but the guy is 36 years old and has 84 appearances across his entire career. His first ever appearance came in 2002! For context: Patrick Vieira was 25 at this time; Raul and Puyol were 24; Xavi was 22; the original Ronaldo was 25 and, talking of goalkeepers, Brad Friedel was just 31! To me, Murphy is quite happy being a coaster on a good wage without taking any risks whatsoever. To be able rack up just 84 appearances in 17 years of football is actually impressive. Impressive in the manner that he’s literally been paid thousands over the years to do absolutely nothing at all. A legend in his own merit, he’s played the game well. I can only see him staying for yet another season of pretending to be part of our squad.

If Murphy goes, who gets number 1? No change.

If Murphy stays, who goes? Literally no change whatsoever, the guy barely exists.

Alex Smithies

Since the 2008-2009 season Smithies pretty much featured in every game between the sticks for both Huddersfield and QPR, racking up 353 appearances in less than 10 years. He joined Cardiff with everyone thinking he was to be our first choice keeper in the Premier League but then Neil Etheridge ignited a fire in our hearts that will never go out. I love Neil Etheridge. Smithies on the other hand probably doesn’t, as he finds himself extremely out of favour only racking up 2 appearances for Cardiff (both came in cup games) it’s definitely time for him to move on, and I can’t help but feel that with Joe Day signing, it spells his exit. Undeniably a talented goalkeeper who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If Smithies goes, who gets number 1? Etheridge

If Smithies stays, who goes? Etheridge

So it’s very much a battle between Etheridge and Smithies. I’m sure Smithies would love to have a chance to prove to the Cardiff fans he has something to offer, the ideal situation for him is for Neil to move onto pastures new, but as good as Etheridge has been for us I can’t see a Premier League side signing him as their first choice keeper. So if you ask me what the signing of Joe Day means it would be Smithies is already gone.