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VFTN Verdict: Cardiff City’s 2019/20 home kit

VFTN Verdict: Cardiff City’s 2019/20 home kit

It looks like Thursday the 27th June 2019 is going to be a busy day for Cardiff City fans. Yesterday kicked off with the players returning for pre-season and striker Kenneth Zohore accidentally revealing half a head of a new signing. Gary Hooper? Joe Day? Or is it actually just wee Joe Ralls all along?

We’ll have to wait to find out, but for now the attention turns to Cardiff City’s new home kit, which was announced this morning.

The VFTN team give their verdict on City’s latest number.

Scott Salter

“I really, really don’t like it. Last year’s number was clean, smart and probably one of my favourite kits in a while. To me, the new one looks cheap and nasty. I’m not sure why there’s a need for the black pattern over the front of it. It’s a lazy effort by Adidas – I’d much rather a kit supplier that spent some time actually designing unique kits. I won’t be buying this one.”

Ben JamesΒ 

“In this modern age, you aren’t allowed a middle of the road opinion. Twitter seems pretty split – some love it, some hate it. Me? It’s fine and good. There’s less room for the unique in modern kits and that’s just the reality we have to face. When I saw the leaked image, I didn’t like it. But seeing it on the players, I think it looks pretty smart. The pattern is more subtle, the collar is different. The only thing I’d change is the block capital sponsor but hey, the world will still turn and I’ll have forgotten about it in a weeks time.”

Gareth Baker

“As opposed to Mr.Salter, I was getting pretty tired of the plain Adidas kits. Whereas most Cardiff fans love the fact our strips are made by the German manufacturer, I’m still holding out hope that one day Kappa will design our kits. Just look at Leeds’ kit last season and every Roma kit that’s ever existed. However, Adidas have actually come up with something a bit imaginative for once that isn’t reserved for the big teams. Although unintentionally, it’s reminiscent of the South Wales Echo kit. So it’s a big thumbs up from me.”

Dan Moffat

“I’m not convinced by the new kit in all honesty. It’s not the worst but it could be better, the black pattern doesn’t actually look that bad but I’m not entirely sure what it adds to the kit- which is similar enough to our last two home kits. With all the concept kits that have been thrown around on Twitter over the past few months, I was hoping to see one of them incorporated in the new design, but hey-ho, lets hope the away kit gives us something new… black and yellow please.”

Ben Isaacs

“It brings to mind our home shirt from 1992-94, which is good. It also brings to mind Manchester United’s away shirt from 1992-92, which is not so good. It’s an Adidas template, albeit one of the brand new ones, and there’s always something underwhelming about that. As usual, the Visit Malaysia branding is almost offensively basic and brings the whole thing down a notch. Like most people I also favour the Adidas stripes on the sleeve rather than down the body but let’s not forget we have a 100% promotion record with side stripes from Adidas. I’m not a white shorts purist but it’s good to get some variety there I think. Overall it’s OK I guess. Not as clean and smart as 18-19 or indeed 16-17 but it’s not bloody Cosway so I’m happy enough. I think it will look better on the players in action than in photos.”

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