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Five things I will miss about the Premier League (if we get relegated)

Five things I will miss about the Premier League (if we get relegated)

It’s been one heck of a season both on and off the pitch. As unforgettable as our first foray into the Premier League in 2013.  There’s so much to love and hate in equal measure about the top flight and so here I list the five things I will really miss about the Premier League (should relegation be confirmed).

  1. Appearing on Match of the Day

Match of the Day is a footballing institute and there’s genuinely a shiver of excitement seeing your side appear on the opening credits. It’s a surreal moment when Alan Shearer begins to argue with Danny Murphy as to why Cardiff may struggle this season (and he was right).

Watching MOTD with my father for the past 20 years has become some sort of weekly pilgrimage to the Bluebirds altar and the theme tune signifies the cracking open of cans and kebabs.

How wonderful it is seeing Cardiff appear on the hallowed turf and seeing Gary Lineker’s pained expression as Victor Camarasa scored a late winner at the King Power stadium.

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  1. Increased press coverage

As we all know, the Premier League has become the titan of all juggernauts, consuming multiple headlines and television channel hours. It is therefore, something to behold when Cardiff are one of the regulars on Sky Sports News.

For many a year, the South Wales Echo was the only outlet of information on the Bluebirds, not so any longer. The plethora of websites, fan sites and news outlets covering the Premier League means you’re never more than a few clicks away from new content.

This may, of course, be a bad thing.

  1. Top quality football week in, week out

The Premier League is often described as; “The best league in the world” (I’m not sure what these people mean by best, when the Premier League hasn’t had a Champions League winner in years) and to be fair, it really does have an unbelievable amount of footballing talent on display.

Whilst the Championship has also undergone an immense transformation of it’s own in the last five years and you’re just as likely to see tiki-taka on display in the Championship as the Premier League these days, it’s not the top table is it?

Cardiff were roundly criticised for their supposedly antiquated style of play and if we’re all honest, the contrast in styles has been stark this season in particular.

The Premier League is in many ways a ruthless division. If you’re not at the very top of your game and taking the few chances you create, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a drubbing. This does of course leave a bad taste, but poor quality it is not.

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  1. Increased home attendances and enhanced atmosphere

Cardiff’s average attendance has increased by 10,000 between last season’s promotion and this season’s tumultuous Premier League campaign. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing the Cardiff City Stadium roar when packed to the rafters (think the Fulham win or late Brighton winner) will know what I mean.

There’s something special about the waves of blue facing off a vociferous away support (Manchester United were decent) and at times, it’s felt like the supporters have lifted the team to new heights.

There’s definitely a borderline-obsession these days with the atmosphere created, but having visited multiple stadiums this season, a capacity crowd at the Cardiff City Stadium is a sight and sound to behold.

  1. Footballing and management stars at the Cardiff City Stadium

Am I the only one who gets a tingle of excitement looking over at the dugouts and seeing Neil Warnock remonstrate with Pep Guardiola or Jürgen Klopp over yet another missed penalty decision? The Premier League is rife with stars both on and off the pitch and it’s been a genuine buzz watching the stars arrive.

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There’s been an abundance this season of superstars adorning the carpet that is the Cardiff City Stadium pitch. Seeing the likes of David De Gea, Sergio Aguero, Eden Hazard and Mohammed Salah set foot on the hallowed ground (and usually break Bluebirds’ hearts) has been a sight to behold.

Couple this with management-kingpins like Guardiola and Klopp, we’ve had footballing royalty at the CCS this season and I will really miss this.

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The Premier League does have a touch of the King Midas about it, it’s laden with gold but can leave you feeling miserable and unfulfilled.   It  leads you to apparent glory only to see your team regularly bent over the barrel and left red-faced.

In light of this, what WON’T I miss should we get relegated?


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