It’s been a few years. Five to be exact. It’s been five years since Adam Davies and Ben James graced your ears and the internet with their unique brand of podcast. And, because they are both going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis, they’ve decided to bring the podcast back. Some might say they are jumping on the Premier League bandwagon. Some people might say they’ve been pressured into it because of the new View From the Ninian website.

But no. They missed you. They missed being able to give you their thoughts in optimism and pessimism corner. They missed sharing there champ and chump of the week with you. Hell, they missed Ardie Collins jingles.

And this is their glorious return. Hear from two special guests. Hear some new features. Hear about Adam Davies’ new haircut. Hear about Ben James. Just hear about him.

It’s back. It’s coming at you fortnightly. Subscribe. Bathe in the sounds. Enjoy. They may not be that smart, and they may not be that pretty but, they like to talk about Cardiff City it’s the View From the Ninian…

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