It was a week of good news spraying out from every social media orifice like a drunk with a super soaker. Why not let it splash all over your face once again?

We’ll start with the kits. The home shirt was revealed and everyone lost their minds. Us included.

A few days later, the away was revealed. And everyone lost their goddamn minds all over again.

Kit launch day was clearly pretty special.

Junior Hoilett agreeing to a new contract was like signing a new player. And he seems pretty pleased as well.

Smithies was an actual new signing.

Meanwhile, Neil Etheridge was also committing his future to CCFC.

And although Etheridge will relish the competition, everyone was surprised to see him at the World Cup

Signing of the week and tweet of the… well, century probably, was this. Oh, Cardiff City, you magnificent bastards.

And finally, the Premier League decided to tweet this to get us in the mood. More to come of this – but in much better kits.