IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE. Or at least a glimpse of it is! With the first images of Cardiff City’s new kit revealed, it’s time to turn to the internet to understand how the rest of the kit will look. With other clubs having revealed their kits already, we’ve done some research to have a little guess at what our new Adidas kit may look like. First up, the People’s Champion; Leicester.

The collar. The design. It could be the closest we’ve got to knowing what the real thing will look like. Will we have similar detail on the body of the shirt? Ours, from the briefest glimpse, looks a more solid blue but one would hazard a guess that the accents on our version might be white or yellow. A classy kit if a simple affair. We can’t be angry if this is what it may look like.

The other option is that it could be similar to Aberdeen’s – though our collar looks more raised from the back and the blue looks more solid, the subtle pattern could form part of our home kit or our away design – which we have yet to see a glimpse of.

And then there’s the Watford collar. A classic, simple v-neck number with two block colours in the shirt. Obviously we won’t be striped – but the three stripes on the sleeve are similar to ours and the collar could work.

Adidas has another collar out there on the market. The button collar on the Real Madrid shirt. Adidas kits in recent years tend to have two trends – the big boys (Real Madrid, Manchester United) have shirts that are slightly more specialist than the rest of us (West Brom, Cardiff City, Birmingham). So ours is unlikely to have this collar – but one wouldn’t be disappointed if it did…