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The Cardiff City hot list

The Cardiff City hot list

According to a French Football twitter account, when it comes to Sala, Cardiff City seem the hottest. And who are we to argue.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been saying that Cardiff City’s squad is the most handsome in all the land. With regular and deluxe dreamboats in every position, the Cardiff City squad is awash with players who ladies want to be with – and men also want to be with because they are that fit.

Here’s our rundown of the most handsome chaps in our squad.


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The man gets his haircut every four days – and it shows. Dark, brooding eyes; cheeky smile. Neil is a regular matinee idol.


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Sure he broke his nose, but his slicked back hair and rugged jawline more than makes up for it. Great arms, too. A regular dreamboat.


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Manga loves to sing down the lens on Instagram and the mans boyish smile is enough to make anyone melt. You’d want him blowing up your dream-phone.


My mate is a West Ham fan and every time we’re on telly, he texts me to say that Bennett is a dream boat. And look at him with his new barnet. Unbelievable; that jawline, that blonde hair. Swoon. 


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His whole face lights up when he smiles. Classically handsome, with great bone structure, his olive skin really makes him your classically tall, dark, handsome stranger.


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I’d let him chase down my balls any day.


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Missed a penalty recently but his rugged stare doesn’t miss my heart.


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Have you seen a man with such a wonderful complexion with eyes that you can get lost in? Seriously. Look at this Instagram post. Mesmerising.


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I just love him, OK?


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I wouldn’t keep him on my subs bench, if you know what I mean.

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